Our approach to help grow and market small businesses:
  • We need to understand your business before we can market your business
  • We ask a lot of questions
  • We boil it all down
  • We simplify and unify the brand and message
  • We understand your target market and your competition
  • We lay out a strategy to build the brand and grow the business
  • We are there to help you ever step of the way.


At StarGet BMS we focus on four key building blocks for a successful marketing strategy:


  • Does your brand accurately represent your product or service?
  • Is your brand message consistent across all platforms? Is it resonating in today’s world? Are you engaging and influencing your customer?
  • Does your brand strategy backward integrate into your business model?

These may seem like academic exercises but good brand management is extremely important when you are trying to grab your customers’ attention. If  they can’t quickly assess what your product or service is and how it can help them, customers will move on to the next thing. In the online world this happens in a matter of seconds – no time to make branding missteps.


  • Content – What is your company’s story? Do you have the right content to draw in your customer? Have you developed a consistent and do-able content calendar to make sure you are regularly in front of customers?
  • Creative Design – Do you have a current logo, website, brochure and other marketing materials that appeal directly to your current and prospective customer?
  • Value Add Are you spending the right amount of money in the right places to optimize your marketing budget? We can walk you through this so you have the right plan in place!


  • Are you putting your money to work in the right venues, where your core customer base is likely to be?
  • Are you achieving the best results by finding the right balance between digital, mobile, social media, and traditional?


  • How are you making sure your marketing dollars are working for you? We can help you validate your marketing plan with upfront research and in-depth analysis to increase your success rate.
  • Do you understand how to evaluate your marketing results?
  • We can help you assess trends and stay ahead of the curve!

When you start to break down your strategy into manageable components, it significantly increases the likelihood that you will stick to it and that it will be successful!